Frequently Asked Questions

YES, we are here for you! You may reach us at (888) 371-1500

Make sure you are using an updated browser; we suggest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also, make sure you have a PDF reader installed and enabled. If you are signed in, but have exited the course, you can see your certificate by clicking the “Dashboard” tab on the homepage of the website and then clicking the “View” button in the “My Certificates” list.

The course and test generally take about 2 hours to complete. However, it could take longer if you wish to review important course information to be better prepared for the exam and your work in the body art field.

If you lose your place you can go right back on the link you received in your email. Be sure to use the same computer and browser so you will be taken directly back to the place you left off. We recommend that you to restart your computer if you are still having problems.

Use a Laptop or Desktop computer only! Tablets and phones may not be supported.

If you paid more than once we will happily give you a refund. Email us the information and explain that you paid more than once.

Follow the steps in order on the screen. They will lead you through the process. Remember, to receive your certificate you MUST fill out the “request certificate” form after you’ve completed the class and taken the test. See #2 above for certificate info.

You will find arrows at the bottom of each slide. They will allow you to go forward and back if you wish to review a slide after the audio is complete. The class is timed due to federal and state law.

You can log into your account and print your certificate from any computer with internet access and a printer. You can find computers with these requirements at the library, a printing company, or possibly a friend’s house. You may email this certificate directly to the County’s Environment Health Dept with your renewal form.

This varies by location. Most courses require 70-80% passing grade, but some areas may require a different score. See the “Course Details” on the course selection page for the course you are purchasing to learn what the passing grade is for your area.

This varies by location. Most courses come with two test attempts. See the “Course Details” on the course selection page for the course you are purchasing to learn how many test attempts are allowed in your area. If you are having difficulty passing the test, it may be helpful to review the course again.

BBP Certification accepts all major credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal and Venmo).

You will need to purchase the course, complete the course, and pass the test. Upon successful completion of the course and test, you will receive your Certificate of Completion. Some locations require additional steps. See the “Course Details” tab for the course you are purchasing to learn if any additional steps are required in your area.

After completing all available test attempts and failing to pass the test, you will need to purchase the course again. 

No, it is not possible to sign up for a course without an email address. We ask for an email address to increase the security of the website and your personal information. An email provides you with a receipt and the ability to recover your password if necessary